The Vail Student Center, located on the lower campus at LI, was formerly the location of the Thaddeus Stevens School.  The Thaddeus Stevens School acquired a new lease from Lyndon Institute earlier this spring to move to another location on the LI campus making room for the conversion of the barn for a new student center.

The barn was built in 1912 as part of the T.N. Vail Agriculture School and Farms.  T.N. Vail, the founder of AT&T was a generous benefactor of Lyndon Institute and a former President of the Board of Trustees.  Vail created the T.N. Vail Agricultural School and Farms for area boys to   There is a large display in the new student center honoring T.N. Vail and the history of the agricultural school.  

Funding for the renovations of the barn was made possible by a generous donation from the LI Class of 1965.  The new student center features the John Sackett Fitness Center, multiple TV and game rooms, maker’s space, vending machines and cafe, computer workspaces, and the Student Experience (Resident Life) central offices.